The i-Hub Yellow Book of Integrated Design

Integrated Design delivers better architectural and engineering outcomes on projects. Done properly it can also reduce build costs, operational costs, and lessen environmental and climate impacts.

The Yellow Book on Integrated Design was produced out of ‘i-Hub’ research work from AIRAH (and funded by ARENA), Led by The University of Melbourne partnering with QUT and The University of Wollongong.

The i-Hub Yellow Book of Integrated Design presents research findings on how to implement Integrated Design on Projects. Pdf version available here.

This book describes how to implement or at the very least encourage integrated design on projects.  The principles come from research work carried out under the i-Hub Integrated Design Studios, a collaborative effort between The University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology, and the University of Wollongong.  The i-Hub program was initiated and managed by the Australian Institute for Refrigeration and Air Handling (AIRAH) and funded by the Australian Renewable Energy agency (ARENA).

The book presents a distilled summary list of general principles to implement on projects followed by further detail on the underlying thinking behind the principles.  Further detail can be found in the detailed research reports produced as a part of the ‘Integrated Design Studios’ or IDS stream at

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